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We are a catalyst for change

Halo Impact is an eco-friendly product solutions agency, providing sustainable products to corporations. Our mission is to significantly accelerate the movement towards solving the problem of plastic pollution. We prioritize specific areas and groups of influence in order to have the greatest impact possible. Working closely with global organizations, we provide product alternatives which enable companies to drastically reduce their plastic footprint of their products, procurement or packaging. As a result, helping them make a hugely positive impact on the environment, their customers, and the world.


What We Do

Put simply: We source, create and offer innovative products that have a positive impact on the environment and contribute to the end of the plastic pollution crisis.

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Work with us to develop ideas on what can transform your business's footprint and ask us to bring them to life. With innovation budding around the globe only your imagination stands in the way


Product creation with the whole picture in mind, the lifecylcle of the product the impact of the materials used on the environment


..what's possible. Zero Footprint plastic is not the future, it's already here. The Circular Economy is within our reach. Make the change needed for a better future.




Our Story

Halo Impact was born out of a deep passion to solve pressing world problems and have a lasting positive impact. Our two founders, Rhod and Mark, realised they were in a unique position to make a significant difference in the world. The two of them having built a leading sourcing and product development agency in Hong Kong are at the forefront of innovation and design technology, while also witnessing first hand the amount of unsustainable material produced in the world's products and supply chain. They consequently fully immersed themselves in the eco-innovation and sustainability space to develop and find alternative materials. Implementing these world changing solutions on a large scale through creative collaboration is the key to accelerated change - and that is how these two founders plan to change the world.


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